Promote Any CPC Or Cost Per Action And Get Instant Unique Results!

Micro Jobs or Tasks are part of an earning method on BTC Bunch Rewards. Here we require users to complete some action such as Installing App, Watching Video, Follow On Social Media, Sign Ups, Ratings, Reviews and more.

After a user completes a task, they must show proof such as screenshots to prove that they have completed that specific task as requested.

Our review team goes through each task/micro job manually and check if there were no any cheats or missing proofs before rewarding a user. This procedure is very important as we always thrive to give our advertisers 100% conversion rates.

Micro Jobs or Tasks are better than PTC or Paid To Click advertising because users are forcefully required to complete a certain action or registration before they can get paid.

BTC Bunch offers you an opportunity to place any kind of micro task on our website, this is the most recommended way of modern advertising, with BTC Bunch it comes at low costs.

How To Place Task Advertisement?

Before you get reach of us, make sure you have the following:

  • Link/URL of the App/Site/Video/Social Media/ or anything you want to promote.
  • Explain what users must do before getting reward.
  • Explain where users must send proof.

Micro Jobs Advertising Is Good For:

  • YouTube promotion (Views, Subscribers, Likes, Shares, Comments etc).
  • Social Media promotion (Followers, Likes, Comments, Shares, Tweets, Retweets, etc).
  • Website visitors (Sign ups, Downloads, Conversions etc).
  • App Downloads.
  • Reviews.
  • And much more!

We will instantly place your job on the Micro Jobs section on BTC Bunch and your platform will be ready to be visited by thousands of our daily users.

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